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The blue crab can be found and caught as far away from Cape Cod to South America, but it is found in the largest abundance from Maryland through to Texas.

The blue crab's scientific name translates as a "beautiful swimmer that is savory." Blue crab meat is sometimes compared to the sweetness of lobster meat. When eating steamed crabs, it is most often done by cracking and eating steamed hardshells, picking the meat and dipping in hot butter. Better yet, some prefer feasting on softshells, and eating the whole body. Crab is prepared in restaurant and home kitchens in many different ways such as, boiled, fried, steamed or sauteed, or as crab cakes, or in crab soup and crab dip.

Most blue crabs found in local markets and restaurants will come from the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland and Virginia, which are famous for its blue crabs. Other key suppliers of blue crab will ship from North Carolina, Louisiana, Florida and Texas. The large male crabs are generally known as 'jimmies', mature females as 'sooks' and the immature female crabs are commonly called 'sallies'.

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Maryland blue crab
The Chesapeake Bay crustacean might be one of the most memorable symbols of Maryland. When people speak of the state they will many times mention how much they enjoy eating steamed blue crabs. When the blue crabs mature, they will often average five to seven inches in width across their body.

Soft Shell blue crabs are found on the East Coast from New Jersey to Florida and on the Gulf Coast to Texas. Over 80% of the soft shell blue crabs come from the Chesapeake Bay. Many people are surprised to learn that soft shell crabs are blue crabs that have recently shed their hard outer shell in order for the body to grow larger. This process is known as molting, and it will typically occur more than 20 times during the lifetime of the crab.

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